So you are a Football fan and love playing it but find yourself unable to do so due to adverse weather conditions, worsening Covid situation or some commuting problem. So you find yourself in a fix. You don’t know what to do? But before you bang your head on the wall, consider our suggestion: buy a Foosball table!

Meet the Foosball Table!

So your Foosball table imitates the football game and can be called Table Football. It is a thrilling and highly active recreational game, ideal for your family or office game room. Take our word: your Foosball table would prove to be a wonderful investment, ensuring fun-filled moments for friends and family. Usually Foosball tables measure approximately 4 feet long and 2 feet wide, comprising of 8 rows of figures mounted on each horizontal metal pole. Each team controls 4 rows by moving the poles forwards and backwards to kick the ball.

Play the Game.

Generally supposed to be played by 2 to 4 players, this simple yet competitive game requires minimal maintenance and ensures fun for all age groups. It is all about kicking the ball into the opposing goal and thus scoring away to victory.

Best Entertainment for Kids

If you want excellent quality fun time in the comfortable confines of your home while strengthening your relationship with your kids, go for a Foosball table. It ensures a learning experience also through enhancing hand-eye coordination and is a great means to improve your kids’ motor skills. This game will also teach your young ones sportsmanship, importance of teamwork, healthy competition and significance of fair play in life. You are not just buying a Foosball Table, you are creating a healthy entertainment for the whole family without resorting to the use of mobiles or internet. Who would not want such a bonding in today’s world!

Setting & Purpose
An excellent addition to your home, Foosball tables are also great for the college dorm, youth recreational centers, restaurants, offices, arcades, apartment complexes etc. Different types of Foosball Tables are there to meet your needs & budget and the setting and purpose of our table determine the type you would want to buy.

Types of Foosball Tables

Okay so now you are convinced that what has been missing in your life is a Foosball Table. And your immediate goal now is to become a proud owner of one. But with the market replete with a myriad of tables and a number of brands and models pouring in through your search engine, now begins your ultimately baffling & head-spinning test: narrowing the multiple options to a selection which is a suitable, affordable and commendable one. Don’t worry buddy! We are here for you!  We have done the research for you. So grab your cuppa tea or coffee, sit back & relax as we bring the Foosball ball to your screen. You’re gonne love the show!

  • Standard Foosball Table
Foosball Table Buying Guide - Standard Foosball Table

You have probably already seen the full-size gaming table. Though you have to assemble this giant toy-of-a-thing upon arrival, these are designed to stay in one place afterwards. The tabletop is eventually integrated with the strong legs which are rather heavy, as they are made of solid wood which is also responsible for making it rather heavy and durable guarantying an unending supply of fun filled moments. Some less costly models are lighter in weight as they constitute of a combo of real wood & MDF board.

These stand-alone Foosball Tables are specifically made to withstand the use and abuse that is the fate of every Foosball Table. Play surface of these units are better and the overall quality of the table will be much more remarkable than that of the lower quality models.

The standard Foosball Table has further two types:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor.

Outdoor tables have to be constructed of waterproof heavy-duty materials that is why they are more sturdy than the indoor version. Made to withstand rain, harsh sunlight & moisture your outdoor Foosball Table can grace your backyard, porch or garden. This new addition to your home would make it more attractive and inviting for friends & neighbors. Who would want to miss such positively addictive entertainment, in times of the Covid scare, right in their neighborhood! Just be sure to stack up on lots of healthy snacks, drinks and an ample stock of patience!

As compared to the outdoor tables, the indoor ones might turn out to be somewhat inexpensive and less durable, but this would depend on the size and weight of the table. If you are shopping on a budget, do pay more attention to these two factors.

Standard or stand-alone Foosball Tables are available in various sizes, but the most common measurement is 5 feet long and 2 ½ feet wide. Larger & heavier tables are going to cost you more. Larger tables also use different and more complex construction methods to ensure stability despite their size. So, you should be ideally looking for a table with a field length of approximately 40 inches so that it is still comfortable and convenient to use.

Some models with longer field lengths can still fall within the lower price range, but then these tables would be compromising on other more important areas. On the other hand, some tables that are smaller in size can turn out to be more expensive owing to some additional features, so beware!

However, these tables can take up a lot of space and mostly require levelers to counter uneven surfaces. Still the standard table is one of the most popular tables, even though it is usually more expensive too. So if you decide to invest your hard earned bucks in this standard version beware of the cheaper models as they are more likely to break apart sooner. We warned you, right?

Thus searching for a high-quality yet affordable Foosball Table would mean taking into consideration all of its features so you can compare & contrast everything that it has to offer. After all, you can’t buy another Foosball Table on your next grocery trip, so keep reading and keep learning the nuances of buying a Foosball Table. You don’t want to err, do you?

  • Tabletop Foosball
Foosball Table Buying Guide - Tabletop Foosball or mini Foosball Tables

Tabletop Foosball or mini Foosball Tables as the names indicate, are smaller in size. These are entry-level tables ideal for children or for those who are learning the ropes of the game. Also if you are short on space that is required by a standard Foosball Table, but still don’t want to be deprived of the joy of this game then my friend a Tabletop Foosball is the answer to your dreams.

It is also perfect if you want your Foosball Table to move with you to family vacations, picnics with friends, barbecues etc. then a tabletop model will be the most ideal option. Because to set up your Tabletop Foosball you just need a sturdy surface like a countertop, any coffee table or dining table and you are ready to go.

If you are searching for an inexpensive mode of entertainment for the sake of your young kids, then this version would be ideal for you as it promises to be a less costly and fun way for kids to learn and enjoy this thrilling sport before you buy them a larger and regular one. It would also be interesting to mention that the Tabletop models are not just meant for kids, they are also commonly found in college dorms. It is important to remember that these models are usually made of plastic that is why they are such a good bargain.

A disadvantage, however, is that they are not as durable as the standard version, so don’t expect high-quality. Another downside is that if not placed and handled with care, some Tabletops may result in scratches on the surface, flooring or furniture where it is placed. So before buying you must make sure that the feet are provided with some kind of anti-slip pads to avoid that disaster. The biggest advantage on the other hand is that they are easy to store and maneuver around because of the lightweight design and are reasonably priced. The choice is yours as the ball is in your court now! Do listen to your wallet, though!

  • Multi-game or Combination Foosball Table
Foosball Table Buying Guide 2021 - Multi-game or combination foosball table

A Combination Game Foosball Table is the best alternative if you want an unending entertaining treat for your kids or if you are buying it as a gift for someone. As the name implies, these gaming tables can be beautifully utilized for a variety of games.

Remove the horizontal rods and you can use the table surface to play a number of other games such as Air hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, checkers, backgammon, draughts and, last but not the least, bowling. These multi-game tables are available in both tabletop as well as stand-alone versions. Because of their versatile nature, Multi-game tables can turn out to be expensive in comparison to the single Foosball Table. However, these are definitely worth investing in as they promise multiple gaming options, keeping everyone in the family happy and riveted. Although multi-game tables vary depending upon the model and their respective manufacturers, but most of these would be typically high-quality and full-sized tables.

Combination Foosball Tables are unique, sleek and extremely space-saving, especially if you are living in a small condo or apartment and are short on space. These tables are also ideal if you and your family get easily bored with just one option. Also your time and effort required in setting up a different table or equipment is saved by the options you already have at hand.

Now zeroing in on disadvantages: since these are meant to be all-in-one kind of table, don’t expect it to offer exceptional game play. Perfection can’t be attained by us mortal souls, right? Also after some time adding to it and removing the rods can become irritating. But that is the predicament of Man, never satisfied with what’s on his plate, or in this case, on his table!

  • Coin-operated Tables
Foosball Table Buying Guide - Coin-operated Tables

Designed to be used in businesses such as sports bars, clubs, gaming zones and arcades Coin-operated Foosball Table is an excellent purchase idea for you if you are such a business owner and want to charge the players for playing on your table. These tables are mostly expensive as well as heavy as they are made up of high-quality and durable material to endure wear and tear of the commercial usage, and last you for a long time. These tables are also made to withstand long & continuous hours of playing. In order to play, players are required to deposit coins. This coin-taking feature too makes these tables the most expensive Foosball Tables around. You can even customize the table and its different parts according to your needs & desires.

The disadvantages of such tables include its exorbitant price and the fact that the coin mechanism can be annoying to handle after some time. Also if you have small gaming rooms, such tables might not be ideal for you because of their size. Also, Coin-operated Tables are quite heavy and very difficult to maneuver around. However, once you invest in a Coin-operated Table it will help you earn way more bucks than you spent on it, ensuring a smooth income for years to come. In this day and age where jobs can’t be relied upon and everybody is looking for ways to earn extra income, this sounds like an appealing idea guys!

Features of a Good Foosball Table

Okay by now you would have a clear-cut idea of the different types of Foosball Tables available in the market and which one best suits your requirements and budget. However, before you take the plunge and order your heart’s gaming desire, do focus on the essential features of a good Foosball Table so that you make an informed decision that you would not have to regret later.

I. Materials Used

The most common materials used in the making of Foosball Tables are:

  • Solid wood
  • Particleboard
  • Composite.

High-quality Foosball Tables constitute of solid wood, however, these are affected by humidity which can damage it over time. So if you live in a wet and humid climate you should take into consideration this very important fact and choose accordingly.

Low-quality models often use particleboard which is very inexpensive,however, it gradually weakens and may even fall apart eventually.

Composite is also termed as MDF or HDF and vary in thickness & density. Although composite falls somewhere in between the other two categories, it has certain advantages over solid wood as it is ideal for humid climates as it’s very durable, dent-resistant and cannot be badly affected by humidity if the thickness of the surface & side walls is at least of 1 inch.

Particleboard Tables usually weigh less than 70 pounds and have ½ inch thin surfacing. And this could spell disappointment over time, however, thick side walls will salvage your investment. Also the thinner and lighter cabinets will tend to move when four adults get banging on it.

II. Available Space & Suitable Size

The standard full-sized foosball table measures 56 inches long, 36 inches tall and 30 inches wide, not including the rods that jut out from each side of the table. So, if you are short on space choose a size that would be convenient for you and the players. The recommended playing space that you should ideally have is around 8 feet long and 7 feet wide. Otherwise for smaller rooms and compact areas Tabletop models are ideal as these take up much less space and are easy to carry and store.

If you aim to become an expert player opt for a full-sized Foosball Table as it can facilitate up to 4 players easily. The height of your table also plays a vital role in selection as it can make it hard for kids to reach out to the rods, if the table is very high. 

III. Laminated Playing Surface

Foosball Tables have playing surfaces which have either stick-on designs or are laminated, which determines the longevity of the table as low-quality stickers will eventually peel off, ruining the look of the table.

The good quality laminated composite tables will ensure the aesthetic look of the table as it would retain its shiny appearance for a longer period of time.

IV. Field Markings

These will give a stylish look to your table and also help you in lining up the ball while taking shots. Good quality tables come with permanently dyed markings with lamination.

V. Leg Levelers

These can be an easily overlooked feature but is very important as they allow for height adjustment for children and also ensure table leveling especially in case of uneven surfaces like that of the gardens, backyards or picnic spots.

VI. Warranty

When you invest your hard earned money that was even more difficult to save, to buy a high-end Foosball Table, you should look for a warranty of 1 year at least. The tables that imitate the furniture-style hardly offer minimal warranty, as the aim is to be more of a decorative nature, rather than be strong and sturdy to withstand rough playing moments. So pick wisely today and enjoy forever.

VII. Ball Return

Also you need to consider whether the table you are choosing has an end ball return or a side ball return. Side ball return is more favorable because of the fact that you can handily push the table towards the wall. To retrieve the ball, the players are not required to reach out to the back ends of the Foosball Table.

VIII. Goalie Configuration

Some Foosball Tables feature 3-man goalies while others are 1-man goalie. The 3-man goalies’ system comprises of 2 side defenders placed on either side of the main goalie. It allows your defense to be more offensive. A majority of Foosball Tables in the US are 3 man goalies whereas UK prefers the 1-man goalie set up.

So if you prefer a fast-paced game, then you must choose the 3-man goalie system, which is also easy to operate for kids and new players. However, if you desire a game that asks for better accuracy and use of skill by adults then the table with 1-man goalie would suit you more. According to the need of the hour and your desire the high-end, expensive 3-man goalie table will please you further by converting into the single goalie configuration as well.

IX. Playing Rods

Take my advice guys and never compromise on the construction of playing rods. You should always go for steel playing rods. Hollow steel ones are the ultimate choice as these speed up the game because of their light-weight nature. High-end tables like Tornado Foosball Tables use hollow steel rods whereas solid steel rods are ideal for slow-paced games and are a feature of a majority of the mid-level tables. Hollow rods are way lighter and accelerate the pace of the game, making it more thrilling and exciting with extra fast shots.

To guarantee the safety of kids Telescoping rods are a feature which will prevent them from hurting themselves when the rod slides. So if you are looking for a table for your li’l ones, do keep this in mind.

X. Counterweighted Figures

Counterweighted figures promise you the best and almost a professional game, as your figures remain in horizontal position when they are released to guarantee that they will not get in the player’s way while taking a shot. As they have a weight in their heads that weigh as much as their feet. This ensures a steady position for them even after you let go of the handle. If your figures are not counterbalanced, the weight of their feet will make them fall obstructing your way when all you want is a clear shot from your goalie rods.

Non-weighted figures dangle vertically and block the way because of which goal scoring becomes much more challenging.

Also opt for the fine cross hatching on their toes, rather than the round and tiny toes which help you in passing the ball easily forwards & backwards with the same rod. Plastic figures are much more lightweight in nature as compared to metal ones which are heavier and generate increased power during shots.

Now that you have been introduced to essentially required features of the Foosball Table, you are more than half-way through in reaching your goal.

Buy from a Brand

Expensive things such as Foosball Tables are not bought every day, that is why you should always ensure that you’re making an intelligent & informed decision taking all aspects into consideration. Reputable brands are built upon a history of quality and customer satisfaction, so buy from a brand.

Following is a list of brands that are known and trusted by experts for their Foosball Tables especially.

 Do check their different models when considering options:

  • Garlando
  • Tornado
  • Carrom
  • Warrior Table Soccer
  • Kick
  • Atomic
  • Escalade Sports / DMI Sports
  • Triumph Sports
  • Eastpoint Sports

Skill Level

While checking out suitable options do keep in mind the skill level of the players too. If you intend to take this plunge for kids or beginners, then you can opt for Tabletops or inexpensive Particle Boards.

Intermediate level players can benefit from good mid-level Foosball Table models which can have some high-end features, without being too heavy duty.

For advanced level players only the best features, highest quality table will do which has high-end or tournament-level features making it a dream to play.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to be armed with relevant knowledge and useful tips before you finalize the best Foosball Table that suits your specific needs and a realistic and available budget and check out the right range meant for you. We have researched extensively for you to assist you in the process of making an un-regrettable decision. Once you have been through this buying guide and short-list your options, do give yourself some time to dwell over it in order to avoid a hasty decision. You may want to discuss with your family and fellow players too. So go sleep over it, so that when you wake up you can go straight for your dream – your very own Foosball Table! Do let us know how this comprehensive buying guide facilitated you in your search. Good Luck!

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