You may have come across any of these amazing Warrior Foosball Tables while searching for your own. But, you may not know that they are the only ones that cater to the needs of newbies and pro-foosball players. Let’s review warrior foosball table, their pros and cons, and the whole range of sturdy striking dark tables them.

There’s indeed a wide range of stylish and upmarket foosball tables in the market but, there are a number of factors one considers before buying one. Aspects like durability, appearance, price, construction, and assembly affect your buying decisions because that’s what you need. After considering all these factors, you will be left with very few options. But, no worries! this warrior foosball table review have got you covered.

Warrior definitely knows what a foosball player requires in their game. These foosball tables are structured to endure the aggressive gaming of pro-players who wants to play non-stop for hours. It is created with a 14 mm thick, durable steel and chromium bar that is strong enough to resist damages. The mid-field is created with mid-density fiberboard that provides the required strength to the structure and is further laminated with colored PVC sheet which is green for the playfield, white for interior, and black for the gleaming exterior. The resilient and strong rods are easier to slide due to the silicone lubricated bearings to enhance the playing experience. Warrior foosball manufacturer claims that these tables provide safety to the new players and boosted the game to the pros.


  • Durable enough to stay good for a long time
  • Counter-balanced foosball players
  • Provides good control and firm grip
  • More affordable than any other foosball table


  • Slow-paced ball
  • Less adjustability in leg leveler

According to our warrior foosball tables review, these amazing tables can prove to be your best foosball companion:

Table No # 1: Warrior Professional Foosball Table (LED Lights)

 This is among the most famous and suggested foosball tables for professional players. The look of this Warrior Professional Foosball Table can surely set the mood for a great game. Equipped with LED lights surrounding the playfield makes it arcade gaming worthy! When looking for a foosball table, gamers look for stability and weight that resist movement, and that where Warrior copes up the need. This table weighs around 200 lbs. which makes it stay in its place while fooser plays its game! This table has 11 players in both the teams and a goalkeeper on each side.

A few of the most remarkable features of this table are:

  • Dimension:  This table is 55-inch-long and 32-inch-wide, which makes it easier for players to fit in gaming arcades and even in offices. It has a height of 36.5 inches including levelers. 
  • Structure: Apart from the MDF structure, the table has rubber feet to resist movement along with uterine-made foosball to provide better handling. Larger than usual, Foosball foot is designed to control the passing movement and shots. 
  • Rods: The robust and unbendable rods are provided with a rod guard that provides safety to the players. Rod-handles are created using synthetic plastic to provide firm grip but, have a softer feel to them.
  • Package: The whole package includes a group of extras like a wrench, lubricant, foosball men, and an excellent quality foosball in it.


  • Quick assembly
  • Durability for aggressive play
  • Safety
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Issues with return tubes
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Not very easily portable

Table No # 2: Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball

This foosball table can assist you in having a great time with all your friends. More players always mean more fun. This table is designed to be a part of parties and big groups as it has 21 players on each side. It may not represent actual football but can actually be the party starter. The surrounding LED lights with a black exterior make it stand out in any room full of multiple foosball tables. The major drawback of this table is its weight of 400 lbs. that is required to deal with multiple player’s games. You require at least 8-10 people to play on it but that’s a good thing as you can play along with kids and adults.

  • Dimension:  This table is around 102-inch-long and 36-inch-wide, which obviously means that it requires larger space than any other table. It has an adjustable height of 30 inches with levelers. 
  • Structure: With the sturdy melamine legs and levelers, this table weighs around 400-450 lbs which makes it impossible to move. But, it has a feature that allows players to split it in half for ease of movement.
  • LED Lights: This table has a feature of sound-activated LED Lights that helps the players enjoy the game even more.
  • Rod: Rods are provided with rod guard that provides safety to the players


  • Good for parties and more number of players.
  • Durability for aggressive play.
  • Safety rod guard system.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Not very easily portable.
  • A bit pricey.

Table No # 3: Soccer Pro Foosball Table

The warrior knows that plenty of you might want a soccer table but may not able to buy one due to the extravagant cost. This option is for you if you have a low budget but a crazy fooser! This affordable table has almost all the features of a regular warrior foosball table minus all the extras! The quality of this table is not up to the mark but it has all the options that you need. This table has a simple construction and is pretty easy to assemble and use.  

  • Dimension:  This table is almost the same as Warrior professional foosball table. It is 56-inch-long, has a width of 32-inch-wide, and a height of 36.5 inches. Makes it suitable for any room corner.  
  • Structure: This table is not as resilient and sturdy as others but isn’t wobbly at all. It has a weight of 200 lbs. with melamine legs to assist the design. It requires less than 30 minutes to set up due to the simpler construction.
  • Rods: The rods, even in this design are provided with a rod guard system to ensure safety.


  • Quick assembly.
  • Affordable.
  • Rod guard system.


  • Not very durable.

Table No # 4: Soccer Professional Foosball Table with Custom Playfield

Isn’t it amazing to have a foosball table of your own, customized in the way that you want and filled with the colors you like? Well, the warrior made it happen. This customized table cannot only be laminated in different colors but can be customized according to your requirement in every way. It usually comes with options of four to six players. If you run a business and want your branding on your table, Warrior’s team will work with you to prepare the design. It has a pre-set configuration of 11 men but that can also be customized. This design can be a little costly because of all the customization but can be perfect for your arcade.

  • Dimension:  Provided dimensions can vary according to the customization but, the standard dimension for this table is 56 x 36 x 32 inches. The size and dimension usually depend upon the number of players it is designed for. The standard table weighs around 202 lbs which may also vary according to the changes.
  • Structure: Just like all other warrior tables, the custom playfield is designed with PVC laminated mid-density fiberboard and dark melamine legs. 
  • Customizable interior and exterior: In this design, the interior and exterior can be customized with logos and brand names/images for private or public use.
  • Rods: The rods are provided with a rod guard that provides safety to the players. Rod-handles are created using synthetic plastic to provide firm grip but, have a softer feel to them. 


  • Good for brand promotions.
  • Durable.
  • Safety rod guard system.
  • Completely customizable.


  • Costly due to customization’s.


By our Warrior foosball table review, we can easily suggest that overall the best and top-rated warrior product has to be The Warrior Professional Foosball Table. It not only durable and resilient but has gaming feel to it due to the LED lights. This table is among the range of tables that cost less than $600 which makes it the most affordable amongst all.

The warrior table with the best features is the Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table. It is the most heavy-duty soccer table, designed for parties and good for 8 or more players at once. It also has a safety rod guard for kids and new players. This table also has a feature that no other table has, that it can split into half to support the movement.  

The best product in terms of value is a custom playfield product as you can customize it into the size, and look you want it in. You can cut down the price by choosing the 4 player-table. It has all the features of a professional foosball table with added customizations. 

Warrior has been working on its flaws and improving its quality continuously. It may not be the best amongst all but it surely is the most affordable option with this many features. The rod guard, LED lights, black-light option, and new hose-free ball returning system definitely make it an excellent choice for foosball fanatics.